Founded in 1989 by Sammy Lanford in Clinton, SC, Lanford Industrial Services is devoted to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Originally a small welding and mechanical company dealing with mostly local walk-in business, Lanford Industrial has now grown into an extremely diverse company that truly understands what can be built from a solid foundation. Our logo, the script L with welding sparks is a mark of our beginnings. We will never forgo our moral ethics, honesty or integrity to achieve our responsibility no matter how big we grow. In 2008 we expanded our scope to represent a wide range of filter and filter equipment manufacturers. Lanford Industrial Services Co. is proud to announce the implementation of our ASME and NBIC accreditations and supporting welding program. This accreditation program will provide Lanford Industrial Services Co. the qualifications for:


Shop & Field Construction of Power Boilers, Boiler External Piping, and Manufacture of Pressure Vessels.


Field Assembly of Power Boilers, Boiler External Piping, and Pressure Vessels.


Shop and Field Repairs, Alterations and Re-Rating of Pressure Vessels, and Pressure Retaining Items

Lanford Industrial Services Co. coupled with our ASME capabilities, elevates our fabrication and repair department to complete service status. Lanford Industrial Services is known by it’s customers as a one stop turnkey organization. We offer all facets of fabrication, mechanical industrial maintenance, industrial piping and an extensively equipped rigging department with the state of the art lifting and moving equipment. Our logistics department can also handle the transportation needed to fully support our rigging department.

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